About GoBaby

LeRoy Stanfield Jr. An American comedian, often known to put his foot in his mouth with his outrageous comedy act.
LeRoy has been doing stand up comedy since he could walk. He didn’t take it to the stage until thirty five years later. Inspired by the passing of his mother, he decided to share his stories with the world.
LeRoy was born and raised in Oakland,CA. While the streets of Oakland is filled with crime, drugs. And gang violence, LeRoy managed to avoid the fast life that is so tempting to many kids growing up in the inner city.
LeRoy has been married to his wife/business partner(TaYari) for 14yrs now but he is not counting. Together they formed a productions company called GoBabyProductions(please google it) with plans to open their own comedy club.
You can catch LeRoy doing his loose speaking comedy act all over the Bay Area

LeRoy & TaYari are a God fearing couple. They have been active members at True Vine Ministries for 4 years now. Their Pastor Zachary E. Carey gave LeRoy the opportunity to perform in front of their church family one sunday and LeRoy has been soaring as a Comedian since.

LeRoy & TaYari are active in several church minitries, but their passion is centered around the minstry S.A.V.E Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere. Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere encourages residents to break the silence, speak out, get engaged and take a non-violent stand against the rampant murders in our community. S.A.V.E. is a citywide grassroots movement to provide resources and solutions for a more peaceful existence in Oakland.

Visit the S.A.V.E.Oakland Web site for more info: http://save-oakland.com

Visit their Church Website at http://www.truevine-ministries.com